Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter At The Beach

I am blogging about these earrings today at the Earrings Everyday Blogspot. 
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These colors have inspired a new collection I will be calling Winter At The Beach. 

New listings post most Tuesdays at Art and Soul Jewelry. Look for this set Tuesday Dec 1st.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sunday, November 8, 2015

24 Ways To Feed Your Soul

It's that time again... The leaves have changed and are dropping to the ground. The temperatures are dropping and you have a need to nest. To stay in with a snuggle blanket and sip cocoa while watching your favorite movie (you've already seen 7 times!). And it is good. 

I've compiled a list along with a chance to win a "feed your soul" necklace. See my website for all the info! 


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Upcoming and Projects In the Works

Ceramic Lotus Bead and Blue African Glass Beads. Projects in the works.
I thought I'd share some ideas I have for new jewelry. My studio space right now, is scattered with beads and ideas are flying off the shelves!

Sometimes I wish there was more of me to work... but then that's part of why Art and Soul Jewelry is special. It's one of kind, or small run production of two or three. You know you are getting something no one else has. Something you wont find in any department store.

I was approached some years back to design for a company. The idea was that I would make the designs and they would send them to China to have them mass produced and then market the items in the USA and sell to big name stores. Nordstrom's was on the list.

Cameo Pink Lotus Pendant. Artist made lampwork glass beads.
I thought about it long and hard and there was nothing inside of me that wanted this for myself. I don't know now. Looking back, did I do the right thing in declining? I have to believe I did. I am on the path I made for myself and I embrace it.

Top to bottom: Handmade ceramic Lotus pendant with matching accent beads finished with a two step glaze. Mottled Brown over Gray. Paired with bright blue African glass. I'm thinking a shorter necklace for this set... maybe 17 inches. I may leave out the ceramic accents. I will see how it lays.

A square pendant. Handcrafted from white ceramic stoneware. Glazed in Cameo Pink and fired to 2232 degrees. Matching round accents and an assortment of Artisan Lampwork in various colors. I imagine the same design for this set. Something shorter, a necklace wrapped in silver wire with some forged silver rings.

Stay tuned!
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Friday, November 6, 2015


Day 4 #thankfulthankfulness

I am thankful for my journey. My journey has been one of pain and of healing. Of sadness and loss and back to Love again. Of searching and feeling lost and of coming home. A wise woman @mairedodd once said "there is no where to go and no one else to be. You are home". ❤️ my journey has made me who I am. I see through the eyes of all my experience. Good and bad. Lessons learned and still many more to come. I am ready for the journey.


❤️ If you feel moved to participate in our thankfulness revolution use hashtag #thankfulthankfulness between the 1st and the 26th of November. Each day will have a new theme. Check in with @thankfulthankfulness for the day's theme ?