Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In The Spirit Of Autumn

Slowly but surely the weather is changing and leaves are dropping around here. With the cooler weather and beautiful fall colors appearing, many of us are feeling inspired to get into the spirit of Autumn.

This year I have been working to learn a new craft (porcelain bead making) and  have a few items to show for it thus far. Porcelain has been a bigger beast than I anticipated. I love some of my results but I have a lot of learning to do. Probably a lifetime of learning if I am being honest with myself. 

Meantime I do have a few new things listed and will continue to add new jewelry as I have more available to share. All my new offerings will be listed at Art & Soul Jewelry.  

Happy Fall! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Farewell to Summer

Tuesday September 23rd marked the Autumn Equinox or first day of Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere. We celebrated by taking one last adventure into the Olympic National Park and Hoh Rainforest.

We left on Sunday, with the promise of rain in the forecast. We have never intentionally camped in the rain before. But we felt brave with our EZ Up awning-gazebo we purchased from Costco. 

Coming into the park, the sky looked gray. 
Miss Molly was very content and happy to be on papa's lap. Her favorite spot for car trips.
I have no idea how we got everything into our small Chevy Cruze. It was packed to the rim and yet we were pretty comfortable.. 
It looks messy but it wasn't really that bad! (see cookie bag on top?) I made oatmeal cookies and banana bread the night before. It was really nice having some homemade treats to snack on! 

Our first stop was Kalaloch campground. This campground is right on the cliff edge by the ocean. Nice spots right on the beach and room for campers if you have one. 

I wish I had gotten more pictures of the actual campground. I was really cold when we got there. Coming from 70+ degree weather, I was wearing shorts. I knew it was going to be colder there - but feeling the temperature is quite different than seeing the temperature on your Iphone. 
You can see the tall bunch of logs near the cliff-side. This marks where the stairs are and there are several of these down the beach. Allowing for easy access back to the campground. I suppose when the tide is coming in, you want to know where the routes are!
By the time we were headed back the ocean mist had picked up to almost rain. Just enough to get us all damp and even colder. Kind of miserable at this point. I changed into some long pants and found my coat in the car. And dried little miss Molly.
She loves her little dog blanket and knows this is her spot!
It's the best feeling waking up in the Rainforest. Thank you to John for getting up, building us a fire and making my coffee!
Heading down the road we see a sign for a big cedar tree. Who can pass that up? 
A short walk through the forest to see the Big Cedar Tree.

Apparently it was destroyed in a storm March 8th. This tree is massive. It reminds me of the Tree of Life from Avatar the Movie. See how it branches off into several trees? So glad we stopped.
Then on to Ruby Beach. We came by here last year but it was really late and dark and we were almost out of gas. We had to drive on. It's been on my mind and I have really wanted to come back. This beach is one of the top rated in WA, and I can see why. Check out my WA State pinterest board for more great places.

One of my lame attempts at a panoramic photo. Don't judge. I have only just learned this feature!
 Molly is so happy to be out of the car!
 The logs on this beach are HUGE. I would not want to be there when one comes rolling in.
 The tide-pools are amazing. I know this only because I have seen photos. We were unable to see any this day because the tide was in.
 A funny panoramic shot - Miss Molly decided to run through as I was taking it. You can only see her tail. :-P We saw this driftwood and rock stacks all over the beach. I love seeing these! They inspire peace and calm to me. Whoever took the time to build them was obviously feeling at peace and happy. I feel that intention here.

 The beach stones were really beautiful. These are the stones I have dreamed of finding for my jewelry work! The beaches we usually visit only have rugged and jagged stones that I have found. Nothing you'd want to wear on your body. These were perfect!
You see these signs up and down the coast. 

We drove through Forks, WA. The "Twilight Capital" of the world. Or so the signs say. Where you can get pretty much anything "Twilight" including Twilight firewood. Yeah. We saw "Bella" the red truck from the movie. I wish I had gotten a picture of that. It was pretty cool. 
 Don't let the look of that sky fool you. We had a really nice, dry day Monday. It wasn't even cold. 
Our next stop was Mora Campground in the Hoh Rainforest. Loved it! The campground was nearly empty. Almost creepy, quiet. Even if there had been people there- I don't think it would have bothered us at all. The campsites were very private. We camped near the bathroom and away from the road in site #20. It was very nice! 
Once again Molly dog was very happy to be in the tent with her bone pillow to chew on. 

By nightfall she was content and still happy to be in the tent. Notice the awning - although it was dry - the reports called for rain by morning. And they did not disappoint. The rain came at 4AM like it was being poured from the sky. Hitting the EZ Up - it sounded thunderous!

Morning arrived, the rain slowed and we stayed dry. It was a little chilly and Miss Molly stayed warm in her purple sweater. 

Here you can see how our spot was kind of tucked in behind the trees. 

A little fella I met on the way to the bathroom. 

And finally packing up and heading home. Farewell summer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

new jewelry for July

I've been on a little earring binge this month... 

Still working on the new website! Stop by and see more at
☮ Cindy 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Focus On Life Week 29 - Celebrate Sweetness!

Week 29: Celebrate Sweetness!
Sally instructed "Think outside the box with this prompt."
Ok, how about a brownie recipe that is outside the box? It's pretty sweet!
But even more sweet is my daughter who made them for me. How sweet is that? She is so busy with homework from going to school full time and yet she still found some time to make her mom some brownies! She knows I love sweet treats and also (trying) to eat healthy.

These are not from a box- but rather from scratch. And she tells me they are made with black beans! She did not send me the recipe... but I found some on Pinterest that look like maybe they could be a match. FYI, Pinterest is the best place for food inspirations!

Also really sweet is the fact that she sends me these "snaps" on snap chat just to say love you! And I get to see her beautiful face! (love that app!) Of course I did not take this picture but still- very sweet!

Ok, enough about my perfect child.

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