The Ethics Of Jewelry

I want my jewelry work to reflect my ethics and values. You may notice some changes In my jewelry. I have made a point not to use bone in my previous work (with one exception because I was convinced it was a "found" object) I did however use leather and that will no longer be the case going forward.

I mean, think about it for a minute. We don't wear fur anymore. Why is it okay to wear one animals skin but not another. Just because we find one cute and furry? Leather is the skin of an animal. That's gross, right?  

I have come to realize as with bone and my previous feeling about it, leather is also from a living breathing creature who wants to live and has a right to live in peace without suffering. And not knowing how that animal died or suffered within it's life and death, the fact is that leather does hold very negative energy. Even if you are not vegan, I would not recommend wearing it for that very reason. 


However my reasons for not using leather go much deeper than that. I have come to see that animals like us have lives worth living and do not deserve the life we've bestowed on them. They deserve to live in peace and without fear or suffering. 


If not for the animals, then for your health or for the health of the planet. There are so many reasons for going Vegan. 


Once you stop and look around you'll see that animals are exploited in countless ways that can be prevented. 


Are you against testing on animals? Do you know what brands of cosmetics still test on animals? Find out. You'd be surprised. 


March 25th  will be my "veganiversary". I can hardly believe it has only  been a year that I decided to go vegan. It feels like such a natural part of my life that has always been there. Dormant maybe? Just under the surface.


I have always considered myself an animal lover. Going vegan for me, is putting my values into action. Every meal, every day of my life now, I know that I don't have to kill or harm animals in order to thrive


And that feels damn good! If you are interested in seeing how this can work for you, please checkout the 22 day challenge.


And if you need more inspiration, I have a TON. Please message me if you want more info from me. Or Checkout James Aspey's page and videos. He's got answers to all the questions you might have.


Honestly, it's the best thing I have ever done. I don't regret it for a second. 


If you want to connect with me on a *foodie* level and see what a vegan eats! Join me on instagram @wildkindvegan on IG.

Connect with me on Pinterst for more inspiration.


You can change the world. 

One meal at a time.

Hello Spring I've Missed You.

I don't know if it's me getting older or if the weather really has gotten colder and the winter longer. I feel like winter is dragging on and it's so cold. I don't want to be outside at all. My poor sweetheart, Molly is so bored and depressed, and missing our time at the lake too.

Thank goodness Spring arrives tomorrow! Even if it's still bitterly cold out I know the warm is coming. 

Little tulips and crocus flowers are popping up. My favorite. And the trees down the way are all in full PINK bloom. It's glorious. Soon their petals will line the streets to resemble snow but - so much prettier. 

We had a break last month and decided to go to one of our favorite spots on the coast.

The first night was at Dungenous Forks Recreation Area. A place we've been but not stayed before. It was great. I loved the quiet and peaceful feeling here. The camp host was super sweet and most gracious.  

We drove into Fort Townsend the next day and stopped at Wynwoods Bead Gallery to find some treasure. Lois was working the counter and I got to say hello. She is one of my favorite artists and she's (semi) local for me. So, I love being able to shop with her, in person.

This little flower charm is one of hers. It's white bronze with her signature stamp LV on the back. Love the rustic, feminine look to her pieces. Beautiful. 

Aquamarine Gemstone Bracelet.
The weather was changing, quickly. We dove South hoping to outrun the snow. But that night the snow feel. And Oh, it was so pretty. 

Thankfully we camp *inside* a trailer so we were able to stay warm. Others were camping in tents! I was surprised the campground was almost full. But then, the rain forest is always beautiful no matter the weather.

I knew the roads would only get worse so we headed farther south about midday when the temperatures rose above freezing. 

We camped at Kalaloch at a spot on the bluff above the beach. Normally, I would love this spot but at 27 degrees it was a bit cold to enjoy. 

I can't complain tho. Camping anytime, almost any where is good for me. I love being in the woods or at the beach. At the North end of WA we have both. 

Recharged. I'm ready to get back to work... 

Updates to the shop include a two new collections. Boho Bliss Jewelry featuring the softer side of bohemian.

And Embers and Ash; deep red paired with black and soft gray.

Some items have been added already and I will continue to add more over the next three days. If you receive my newsletter, please look for it tomorrow for more on what's new and special offers. 

Happy Spring!

Hitting The Reset Button

This is the time of year we hear a lot of talk about resolutions and staring new things, or ending bad habits. Honestly, I'm not one who makes "new years resolutions". I first heard of this tradition when I was about 12. Or that's the first time I remember hearing of it. 

I vaguely remember getting together with my cousins, who were my best friends back then, and writing out our resolutions on tiny strips of paper. The paper then went into balloons and somehow we picked the ones that landed face up when we popped the balloons or some nonsense like that. Well, we were kids! 

However, I do believe in hitting the reset button so to speak. We have times that *feel like beginnings and those times can inspire us to pick our hearts up off the ground and begin again. To start new projects or end old ways that are destructive. 

These times include, but are not limed to new years day (month!), a start of a new week, a new moon, a celestial event like the solstice or a holiday. Maybe a birthday, a new decade. Any marked change of time. Hell, even a new day. We feel that change internally and we can use that to build on. 
 I'm one of the weird people who LIKES Monday... for this very reason. It feels like a new - something. It's a fresh day a fresh week. Leaving last week behind and begin again. 

Maybe you don't believe in that. Maybe you don't *need that, you say. Whether you believe in it or *need it, it's there. It's a part of who we are as humans. If it weren't, we would not have little stars on our calendars to mark special days. Days would all blend together and have no meaning. 

These pictures are some I took Christmas morning. I woke up and everything was encased in ice. It was so peaceful and quiet and surreal. I wanted to remember this moment and breathe it in. It's like walking in the rain, or a wind storm, this feeling of frozen - everything comes over you and fills you with peace. Also sort of a reset button. It has to be. Because for a time, everything stops and is commanded by it. Nature. 

I believe it is good to notice the change in time and celebrate that if you feel inspired to. It feeds the soul and nourishes our spirits. Pause, breathe, hit the reset, begin again. 

Love and Peace~ Cindy

A Year In The Life

Glacier Peak Campground, WA
This year has been a time of change just as I new it would be. Focusing on the positive has been difficult at times but I am keeping the faith that good things are coming. 

My jewelry / art work has slowed this year as I have concentrated on other things. I decided early this year to further my education and take some college classes. It was a real eye opener for me. I hate to say, I'm not as quick a learner as I used to be. However, I found sort of pride and strength in the will to go on and pick myself up after each failure. 

I have immensely enjoyed the last few weeks of working on jewelry / ceramics again (and also camping!) while on school break. Immensely. It truly feeds my spirit. I know now that I cannot live without it in my life. It sustains me in so many ways I cannot describe.

Classes start up again soon and I'll be deep in studies. I am afraid. I am worried I wont do well, I wont be able to keep up. I wont understand the work. But I'm going anyway. I am trying it all the same. Deep breathe. One foot in front of the other. 

Meantime, I have about a week left of working with silver and ceramics. I will take custom orders up till the end of the year. After that, it will be as I have time. 

Plans and goals; more proactive jewelry, more sculpting and clay work. Growing a new collection called Embers and Ash. Growing my Peace, Love and Beach Rocks collection. Taking more naps, more dog cuddles.... eating more veges, practicing yoga daily.

Motto for the coming year; do all things with love and you can't go wrong. 

to those who are celebrating, my your Christmas be filled with laughs and love and may you be surrounded by family and friends.


Create A More Humane Society

We are on a mission to create a more humane society and we need your help. 

Take the pledge today!

I wished to live deliberately; Camping Leavenworth WA

 Glacier View Campground
Glacier view Campground, WA

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach,

on icicle creek road, Leavenworth, WA

and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. 

Eightmile Campground, icicle creek, Leavenworth, WA
 I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary.

I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, 

to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life,

icicle creek, Leavenworth, WA
  to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms..." - Henry David Thoreau

Stamping On Metal; Part Three: It doesn't matter

Part three of my stamping on metal series was going to be about what goes into choosing the font for your specialty stamp set. And I will get to that. 

What I first want to say is that it doesn't matter what font you get or if you get one. Having a specialty font is nice. But when it comes down to it,  what really matters is what you create. It's what you do with it that matters. And whatever you decide to do... make it your own.


Just look around. You'll see a lot of unique and very special art-jewelry that does not use any kind of specialty font. 

There is fabulous, unique jewelry out there that doesn't require anything but a simple block font. 

The jewelry should speak for itself.

And before you spend $400+ for your stamp set, be aware that anyone can come along and buy that same set. 

I spent over $$$$ on one set. I spent weeks looking for a font that no one else had, and one that "spoke" to me. I waited weeks for them to make the stamps and to finally have it delivered.

If I had it to do over again, I would not spend the money. There are other fonts that are commercially available now, that weren't available then. Anything you might want (style wise) is available commercially and quite a bit cheaper.

Stamp sets that look almost identical to what I have. Yes mine is a little tiny bit different. But is it really worth spending over $1000 for? Not to me.

And then there is my other specialty set. What I like to call my "Modern Art font". I get messages often asking what font it is specifically so that people can buy a set for themselves. 
And my answer is still the same. If you really feel the need to buy a specialty font set, find something that is unique to your own jewelry. 

Do you want your jewelry to be special and unique? Or do you want it to look like what someone else is doing.  

Put your own style into it, and BE AUTHENTIC. 

It doesn't matter what font you are using. It's what you do with it that matters.  It's about what you put into your jewelry. 
You can make extraordinary and very special jewelry with a plain block font. That is all you really need. That is all anyone really needs, IMHO. If I had to do it over again that's all I would have. 

Am I happy with my stamps? Yes. Would I do it again? No.  

I don't see myself buying anymore specialty font sets. That notion could change in time. My jewelry is evolving. As I settle into my own style and feed my soul, I am doing less personalized jewelry work.

Karen Totten recently wrote a really great article about finding your own style here is a link:

Recognizing your own style is not easy. It has to be a natural process. Something you cannot force. You are who you are.  

Be authentic

You'll need to explore your own likes and dislikes. You need to look inward, and DO NOT compare yourself to others.

What I want 

is not to want 
what isn't mine 
by my own design.
Scarlet's walk, another girl's paradise
Tori Amos-

It's okay to be inspired by other artists. We all take inspiration from what we see... and from our environments. Whatever you are making and offering, make sure it came from your own soul.

did I mention?

Drilling Sea Glass for Jewelry

Drilling glass is something I thought I would never do. Never wanted to do, never thought I could do. But after collecting a sizable amount of sea glass I decided it was probably in my best interest to learn.

I looked online and found some articles. There is a  lot of information on the Internet. However, it never hurts to get a new perspective. So, this is my take on it. I've been asked many times about drilling glass and how to go about it.

For my work, I use a drill press. I have it set up in the garage. There are other ways to drill and I wont talk about them here because I have no experience with any other way.

Please note this is not so much a tutorial but rather a brief pictorial with explanation of my experience and helpful hints for those who want to give it go or just have some curiosity of how it's done. 
Diamond Twist Drill Bits from Rio Grande
What you'll need:
Drill Press (or other means to drill)
Diamond Drill Bits
Safety Glasses
Sea Glass
Shallow Bowl with Water
Rubber Puck
Good Lighting
I have a variety of diamond drill bits to use for my glass. The kind I use, and have had the best luck with are these diamond twist drill bits from Rio Grande. They can be purchased online through their website or catalog. Nice, high quality bits manufactured in Switzerland. I use a variety of sizes from 1.3 to 2mm.
I use a pencil to mark the glass where I am going to drill. Once the glass is underwater, your perspective will be distorted. You will need that dot to guide you. Once under water the pencil dot will be silvery shiny and easy to spot.
Safety glasses are a MUST. 

This is my set up. Messy, yeah, I know. It is a garage! 
And I share this space, so I will blame the mess on him. (evil grin)

In this photo you will see my FireStorm Drill Press by Black & Decker, a fire extinguisher (for other stuff) a small box of sea glass, some drill bit packs, a lamp, a plastic tray for water, a black rubber puck inside the tray, my glasses and a cup for filling the tray with water.
 Glass must be drilled under water to keep things cool.
The puck is great for holding the glass steady. And it's not going to hurt anything if you drill into it. I bought this years ago from I am unsure if they are still for sale there. I've seen others use a block of wood.

 I position my bit so that it will come all the way to the puck. 
Place the glass and make sure it's completely submerged.
Before turning the drill press on, I will lower the shank to make sure the bit will hit my mark. If not, rearrange and move the glass till your pencil mark is directly centered with the bit.
 Every piece of glass is going to be different and you'll want to figure out the best way to hold yours. I find this method works best for me in most cases. I am able to hold the piece down and keep my figures out of harms way.
You only want to drill half way through the glass. This is a tricky part, not going too far. And it's really a matter of practice. Learning to ease off the pressure, and knowing when to stop. I have even found with a new drill bit and going super slow, I have been able to drill all the way through without having any blowout or breakage. I do no recommend it!
For best results, 
drill very slow, 
under water 
and only go half way through the glass.
Turn over.
Dry your hands and glass off and hold your glass up to the light.
 I have a great set up here in the garage because of the large window, I get lots of natural light. I turn the glass over and hold it up to the window. I can see the hole as a black mark in the glass. Here I can mark the other side. I have found it best to find the hole this way so that your perceptive is not distorted. Mark the other side where you see the black dot with your pencil.
Again, position your glass and drill bit so they meet before turning on the machine. Once you find the pencil mark, hold the glass and turn on the machine. Again, carefully and very slowly pressing down. You'll feel it give way once it meets the hole on the other side. 

And finally holding it up to the window again I can see the hole is clean and has gone all the way through. Yeah! Success! 

I recommend beginning your practice on pieces that you don't so much care about. Maybe you'll get it on the first try and be a natural pro. Maybe not. Best to work on some ugly pieces first! 

Good luck and have fun! Let me know if you have any questions. I will answer as best I can. 

(as with all the earrings here on the EE blog, these are examples and all designs are copyright the original artists. Thank you!)  Here are some of my success stories... 

Sea Glass + Fine Silver Available@ Art and Soul Jewelry

New Jewelry Today

A few new things available today... 
Stop by to see them all!

I had hopes of getting a lot more done for this final update but, it was not in the cards. 

Please keep in mind, I am not going away and I am not quitting. I will be back at some point! You may email me anytime while my shops are closed. Contact info will be listed on the website. I'll be posting on the blog or Instagram as I have time. I will still be working on new projects in the background.

Please enjoy 20% off your order of $50+ now through June 10th, the final day to shop with me. Use code Take20

Thank you for your support! It does matter to me. Those of you who have written and supported my shop over the years, it has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate each and every one of you and ever word and every purchase! 

Honestly I am feeling a little sad at the thought of closing for the summer. But I am ready for the adventures coming my way and I have big hopes for what's next. Staying positive and trusting the journey.

I wish you all a fantastic summer filled with LOVE, SUNSHINE, PEACE & JOY. 

Be well, Cindy

Summer Closure Dates | New Jewelry Sneak Peek

Final days for made to order jewelry.

 Summer Closure Dates

My path is leading me another direction right now and I need to focus all my energy there. That means temporarily (I hope) closing. I will still be giving time to my creative energy whenever possible and you'll be hearing from me this fall with all new creative designs.

Saturday June 10th Cindy's Art and Soul will be closing. The final date for made to order jewelry will be Sunday June 4th. I  hope to be back in the fall sometime around late August.

Sneak peak!  I will have one more small shop update coming next week. Tentatively June 1st. TBA. I will send another quick email when listings are ready. 

Dates To Remember!

I'm closing for the summer. I hope to be back in the fall!
  • Last day for personalized jewelry orders, June 4th
  • Last day shop will be open, June 10th
  • One more update coming tentatively June 1st, TBA

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Feel free to message me anytime! Thanks so much to all of you and all of your support! It has meant the world to me over the past 15 years! ♥

The Ethics Of Jewelry

I want my jewelry work to reflect my ethics and values. You may notice some changes In my jewelry. I have made a point not to use bon...