Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rocky Coast and Beach Finds

Every time I say Rocky Coast I hear The Great Lake Swimmers singing... Floating over your rocky spine... the glaciers made you but now your mine.. (she pauses work to go listen to the song)

Last week I had the good fortune to be able to take a quick trip to the coast to look for rocks and whatever else I could find, for my jewelry work.
Molly dog guarding the beach while I look for rocks!
 I had looked at the weather forecast and saw that Tuesday and Wednesday would be dry days. Little did I know that Tuesday would also be sunny and give me the most spectacular ocean sunset I have seen in months or possibly even years.
beautiful evening, but VERY cold! Wished I had brought gloves. 
The thing about sunsets is that they happen every day. We don't always get to see them because of our mundane distractions, work, family, chores or just cloud cover. You also need to be open to the beauty of it. To really *see it. 

Sunset at Ruby Beach.
This image is from the overlook, walking to the beach. The clear sky is making everything look like it has a blue cast. Beautiful.
A view from the over-look walking down to the beach.
We managed to get a cabin at Kalaloch lodge. I must say the place really exceeded my expectations. I only booked the cabin because they are dog-friendly. This place even offers dog specials where they'll include a meal for your pup. The adjacent restaurant offers organic meals and they are a "green" establishment. I was really impressed. And $109 for this 2 bed cabin on the ocean is a steal! 

The cabins have wood burning stoves and they will provide you with the fire wood each day. A mini kitchen includes a 2 burner stove, dishes, cookware and even a toaster. The couch is a futon so you could have extra guests if you wanted to share the cabin stay. I would definitely go back!

Cabin at Kalaloch Lodge
The next morning, I was not so lucky with the tide. The tide was in. Really in! In fact I could not get very close to where I wanted to be at all. With the tide rolling in, huge logs were rolling in too. It is a dangerous place to be. Not the sort of beach you can turn your back to. You have to be aware of the tide at all times. 

Something I have never heard or experienced before is the tide leaving the rocks. If I can try to explain the sound - imagine the water rushing across the rocks - it's like a really loud crackle. If you needed another reason to love the beach? It's one of those things you never knew was there but once you hear it, you just feel gratitude for it.

We managed to get far enough up the beach were we felt safe to sit and look for stones.
John picking stones. He really found some great things. We both found a lot of shells that morning. I have never found so many shells. Most of them too large for jewelry but I have ideas for them none the less! I even found some sea glass! A rare find (for me) in WA. All of the sea glass I have so far has come from CA. (FYI) 
 My sweet Molly (Stylin' and keeping warm in her Hurtta coat). I don't know what this face is. Is she sticking her tongue out at me? LOL! 
Oh my sweet puppy dog! Not really a puppy, I just call her that. :-D 
 And who can resist the head shake? Here she is just getting ready for a good one! There's actually a book (called Shake) with nothing but dogs in mid head shake. I love it! Is there anything more cute?

Ruby Beach.
And finally, back up the trail from the beach. You can see the difference in photos from the night before. All that beach is now covered in ocean. So very beautiful. We hated to leave.

Spruce Burl Trail (beach 1) South of Kalaloch, WA
This photo is from a little trail down the 101 called Spruce Burl Trail. From what I have read, the burls are actually like a tumor for the trees. It's a beautiful trail, just on the bluff South of Kalaloch.

I have been so busy getting a batch of beads ready for the kiln,

I have not had time to drill any stones yet.
Instead I have been stacking stones all over my work bench.

This never gets old! Never, ever.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions, are not only welcomed but appreciated!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Farewell 2014 Hello New Beads

As we say good-by to 2014 I am going through some changes here at Art and Soul Jewelry. 

Since we adopted Miss Molly a year ago August - I have been trying to lessen my hammer work without success. Not taking on new jobs as they come in has been difficult for me. 
However, during my winter break I have come to terms with the changes needed and am ready to take the final leap to make it happen. 

The changes needed for my dog and for the peace of mind and comfort she needs will require much less noise in my home. Since this is where my "shop" is the changes must happen. 

She's been though too much as a dog who was lost from her original family and who bounced from 3 different shelters before being adopted by us - she deserves the best life I can give her. 

The noise level when I am hammering metal pieces can probably be heard three or four houses down. You just don't realize how loud it really is until you see her little face and the ears go down as she runs to escape.

I do hope you'll embrace the change with me and love what I bring in 2015. Change is difficult, and a little scary. But I am ready.

Changes will include: a lot less personalized jewelry, less metal pieces that require a lot of hammering, and a lot more handmade ceramic beads and jewelry. 

Over the break I had some time to work with my porcelain clay and make some new bead sets to work with and some to sell. I cannot tell you how absolutely wonderful it was to have her with me all day as I worked. I want that - more. 

I must also mention the love that fills our home since Molly came to live with us. I would encourage anyone, anywhere to seek out a shelter pet to adopt. They say that shelter pets are the most loving and loyal pets you'll find. So grateful for the love you have and ready to give you all the love they have. Check out this short video I found "Meet My Shelter Pet". 

As for what I have created this past week? Here is a small sampling... I will have new beads available at ArtandSoulJewelry.com in the coming days and weeks as well as new jewelry with my new beads! 

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Monday, December 8, 2014


"We can say 'Peace on Earth,' 
we can sing about it, 
preach about it or pray about it, 
but if we have not internalized 
the mythology 
to make it happen 
inside us, 
then it will not be." 
-Betty Shabazz




Happiness and Peace to all! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

We're All Ears :: November Reveal

Every month on the Earrings Everyday blog, we have a challenge hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz. The November challenge comes from this animated short. A very inspiring tale of renewal, growth, and freedom. At least that was my take on it.

Everyone participating will have their own view of it's meaning and what inspires them most. For me it was the colors and the wings and also the woods. A sort of magical place where your spirit could soar. 

I was immediately inspired. (In my minds eye) I could see white(ish) wings made of porcelain (by me) along with some pale blue Jasper beads. The beads were the perfect colors. Pale blue, white, ecru and some molten browns. 
Time went on and the reveal day quickly approached. And I had no wings made. Which to me is just as well. I sometimes (usually) prefer non-literal interpretations. So, it's just as well I had no wings to work with. 

Still holding on to my original inspirations as I rifled through my handmade ceramic beads, I found a set of white(ish) tube beads that I liked. They have a nice, rustic character from the texture and the glaze is not quite white.
I put the Jasper beads up to them on both ends and decided they didn't work. I put some hoops up along side and even wired them in at one point. Later, cutting them away. 

And finally I pulled these sterling silver cast leaf beads I have had in my collection for *years. To me they are really special and for those types of items you need to find just the right project. This was the perfect time to let them go. 

By the same vendor I found these studded silver caps. Perfect for a magical-themed earring set.
I am very pleased with my end design. Even though they ended up being not much like my original idea, they were born of pure inspiration and literally came to life as I was making them. I love the silver, oxidized with the white beads and their long form. 

Available at Art and Soul Jewelry. 

Please take a moment to check out the other participants pages! All the other pages can be found here:

Peace, Cindy

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Autumn at Lake Sacajawea

I took these pictures October of 2007. The morning was blanketed in a light fog with the sunlight streaming through. A really beautiful sight. I have had these in a file on my computer, on flickr with no one viewing them, no one enjoying them, but me.

I want to share them. Because I know I am not the only one out there in love with Autumn. Please feel free to save, copy and share these images. These photos were all taken by me and are free for personal use.