Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Solstice Collection

 A new collection to honor the longest day of the year.
When the sun is at it's zenith,
in the Northern hemisphere.

The days will grow shorter now, 
but we still have many days of summer to enjoy.

I will continue to be mindful in my days. 
Of moments. 

Be Here Now. 

So often my mind is on the future or the past.
I want to live, NOW.

I am working on it.

I want to share with you a few things from my new 
Solstice collection.
Featuring Citrine (fire) and Blue (water) stones, glass and handmade ceramic beads. Accented with hand forged silver, Bali silver an Hill Tribe silver beads. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

At The Beach and New stuff

I was fortunate enough to be at the beach for Memorial Day weekend. The weather was fair and it was really relaxing. I need to recharge once in a while and this was just the thing! No phone, no TV no worries for three whole days. 

I did some cleaning around the beach house. Packed up some sentimental nick-knacks that didn't need to be there. Walked on the beach, smelled the ocean air. Woke up to sea mist and clouds and the sound of waves crashing. Bliss. 

A lot of barnacle covered garbage on the beach.

Back at home and back to work this past week...
 I have a few new listings. 

Available at Art and Soul Jewelry 
Peace & Blessings~

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Sale on Beads!

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Breathe Handmade Ceramic Bead Set

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Triumphs and Tragedies Kiln Batch 8

Beads from my 3rd Glazed firing
I began my adventure in ceramics just about a year ago. This past week was only my 8th glazed kiln load to date. As of yet, I am self taught in this medium. Learning what I can from my experiences, a few books on the subject and all I can find online. With every firing there are lessons learned. As much as I hate knowing that there will be failures with every load, I am learning. That is the upside! 

And this time was no exception. 

This time was a lot of new and experimental pieces. I have some new clay to work with for starters. I purchased some brown clay from Georgie's called Trail Mix Toast. It starts off looking like terracotta when wet and eventually turns to a lovely medium brown when fired to a cone 6. 

I love the color - I do not love the texture. It has a lot of sand in it making it difficult to work with on the very small scale needed for beads. But with some practice and more experimenting I am sure I will grow to find my way with it.

Last week I posted some images of glazed pre-fire beads I had high hopes for. However, two colors on one piece is more difficult than one can imagine. This bead was sculpted with a wooden clay tool, finished with a Tree Bark pigment and glazed around the edge with Nassau Blue and Aqua. In my mind it was going to look different-- and a lot better! Learning... 

Other tragedies include bells. I wasn't sure how to fire them since they are glazed all over. I had seen somewhere online where someone had propped things up on rods and stuck the rods in kiln posts. I thought- this might work! 

The only problem was that when I set the next kiln shelf on- I didn't notice how tall the bells/ rods where sticking up and they stuck to the shelf. Here you can see part of my kiln shelf is now part of the bells... 

 Sad, sad, sad.
lesson learned, and moving on.

A lesson I have already learned but apparently keep on learning is make sure holes are big enough for rods and clean glaze away from holes well - just enough so that it doesn't stick.
I'll probably end up hammering them off (wearing safety goggles of course!) if I can't loosen them with my muscles.

My daughter had asked for some flower pots to hang by her desk. I made several. These two are OK. But smaller than I would have liked. Maybe too small for any use. I like the blue glaze but the brown leaves something to be desired. Lesson learned, moving on.
Glazed with Georgie's "Brown"
Glazed with Georgie's Northern Lights, Peanut Ash under-glazed
The best pot I made --
Ceramic flower pot
Still really small but big enough for a little succulent plant!

 These are really funky but I think they are still very pretty and worthy of listing...

 and finally, some triumphs!
Midnight Blue Ceramic Disk Beads
Orchids Ceramic Bead Set
Green Peanut Ceramic Bead Set
Aqua Bead Set - SOLD
Sunny Yellow Flower Ceramic Beads
Ceramic Glazed Bells -NFS
Olive Green Ceramic Bracelet Bead
Olive Green Ceramic Sand Dollar Bead
Ceramic Bell Flower Beads
  You can find these and more handmade ceramic beads at

Monday, April 27, 2015

What's New Blue?

Beads, and clay and more beads and more clay.
 Every batch seems to take months although it's only been weeks. It feels like a long long time from building and shaping the clay to the day they are finally fired in the kiln with glaze. I feel like I am working two jobs lately. That's okay, I'm loving every minute of both sides.

My work space is a bit scattered and disorganized but I have faith it will all fall into line soon. Some days I have clarity and feel like I can do anything... those are the days that I concentrate on and focus my energy into. Some days you have to walk away and go with the flow.

This week I have faith that I WILL finish glazing and WILL fire my 8th kiln load. With every batch and every glazed fire, I learn and grow and build on that for the next time. I'm sure this batch will be no different. I try to put that at the back of my mind for now though. And just try to gather my creative energy and imagination for the glazes I am painting.

This part of the process is still new and green and really raw for me.

To try and imagine what the final outcome will be. How the glazes will melt together and flow. And what glaze will look best on what beads... it can be overwhelming. It's all forethought and imagination.

Here is a little work in progress photo. This pendant was sculpted with a wooden clay tool, fired to cone 04 and now I'm working on the glaze. I have used a pigment color as my base. These pigments are really cool when fired. A really rustic matte EARTHY look to them. It takes very little- and I have watered it down considerably. And then wiped back with a sponge. On top of that I have added a bright blue glaze. Afterwards, decided maybe it was too bold so I painted a layer of aqua on top of that... who knows what this will look like in the end... hopefully it will be beautiful!

And here's another experiment. I used another pigment for the underneath. This one has a reddish tone but still earthy and a bit brown. It's called Wormwood. The petals are glazed with a bright red and then outlined in brown. Can you tell? Nope! Keeping fingers crossed... 

I will post again soon with the outcome. Until next time...
Peace & Blessings