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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Drilling Sea Glass for Jewelry

Drilling glass is something I thought I would never do. Never wanted to do, never thought I could do. But after collecting a sizable amount of sea glass I decided it was probably in my best interest to learn.

I looked online and found some articles. There is a  lot of information on the Internet. However, it never hurts to get a new perspective. So, this is my take on it. I've been asked many times about drilling glass and how to go about it.

For my work, I use a drill press. I have it set up in the garage. There are other ways to drill and I wont talk about them here because I have no experience with any other way.

Please note this is not so much a tutorial but rather a brief pictorial with explanation of my experience and helpful hints for those who want to give it go or just have some curiosity of how it's done. 
Diamond Twist Drill Bits from Rio Grande
What you'll need:
Drill Press (or other means to drill)
Diamond Drill Bits
Safety Glasses
Sea Glass
Shallow Bowl with Water
Rubber Puck
Good Lighting
I have a variety of diamond drill bits to use for my glass. The kind I use, and have had the best luck with are these diamond twist drill bits from Rio Grande. They can be purchased online through their website or catalog. Nice, high quality bits manufactured in Switzerland. I use a variety of sizes from 1.3 to 2mm.
I use a pencil to mark the glass where I am going to drill. Once the glass is underwater, your perspective will be distorted. You will need that dot to guide you. Once under water the pencil dot will be silvery shiny and easy to spot.
Safety glasses are a MUST. 

This is my set up. Messy, yeah, I know. It is a garage! 
And I share this space, so I will blame the mess on him. (evil grin)

In this photo you will see my FireStorm Drill Press by Black & Decker, a fire extinguisher (for other stuff) a small box of sea glass, some drill bit packs, a lamp, a plastic tray for water, a black rubber puck inside the tray, my glasses and a cup for filling the tray with water.
 Glass must be drilled under water to keep things cool.
The puck is great for holding the glass steady. And it's not going to hurt anything if you drill into it. I bought this years ago from I am unsure if they are still for sale there. I've seen others use a block of wood.

 I position my bit so that it will come all the way to the puck. 
Place the glass and make sure it's completely submerged.
Before turning the drill press on, I will lower the shank to make sure the bit will hit my mark. If not, rearrange and move the glass till your pencil mark is directly centered with the bit.
 Every piece of glass is going to be different and you'll want to figure out the best way to hold yours. I find this method works best for me in most cases. I am able to hold the piece down and keep my figures out of harms way.
You only want to drill half way through the glass. This is a tricky part, not going too far. And it's really a matter of practice. Learning to ease off the pressure, and knowing when to stop. I have even found with a new drill bit and going super slow, I have been able to drill all the way through without having any blowout or breakage. I do no recommend it!
For best results, 
drill very slow, 
under water 
and only go half way through the glass.
Turn over.
Dry your hands and glass off and hold your glass up to the light.
 I have a great set up here in the garage because of the large window, I get lots of natural light. I turn the glass over and hold it up to the window. I can see the hole as a black mark in the glass. Here I can mark the other side. I have found it best to find the hole this way so that your perceptive is not distorted. Mark the other side where you see the black dot with your pencil.
Again, position your glass and drill bit so they meet before turning on the machine. Once you find the pencil mark, hold the glass and turn on the machine. Again, carefully and very slowly pressing down. You'll feel it give way once it meets the hole on the other side. 

And finally holding it up to the window again I can see the hole is clean and has gone all the way through. Yeah! Success! 

I recommend beginning your practice on pieces that you don't so much care about. Maybe you'll get it on the first try and be a natural pro. Maybe not. Best to work on some ugly pieces first! 

Good luck and have fun! Let me know if you have any questions. I will answer as best I can. 

(as with all the earrings here on the EE blog, these are examples and all designs are copyright the original artists. Thank you!)  Here are some of my success stories... 

Sea Glass + Fine Silver Available@ Art and Soul Jewelry

Monday, June 5, 2017

New Jewelry Today

A few new things available today... 
Stop by to see them all!

I had hopes of getting a lot more done for this final update but, it was not in the cards. 

Please keep in mind, I am not going away and I am not quitting. I will be back at some point! You may email me anytime while my shops are closed. Contact info will be listed on the website. I'll be posting on the blog or Instagram as I have time. I will still be working on new projects in the background.

Please enjoy 20% off your order of $50+ now through June 10th, the final day to shop with me. Use code Take20

Thank you for your support! It does matter to me. Those of you who have written and supported my shop over the years, it has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate each and every one of you and ever word and every purchase! 

Honestly I am feeling a little sad at the thought of closing for the summer. But I am ready for the adventures coming my way and I have big hopes for what's next. Staying positive and trusting the journey.

I wish you all a fantastic summer filled with LOVE, SUNSHINE, PEACE & JOY. 

Be well, Cindy

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Summer Closure Dates | New Jewelry Sneak Peek

Final days for made to order jewelry.

 Summer Closure Dates

My path is leading me another direction right now and I need to focus all my energy there. That means temporarily (I hope) closing. I will still be giving time to my creative energy whenever possible and you'll be hearing from me this fall with all new creative designs.

Saturday June 10th Cindy's Art & Soul will be closing. The final date for made to order jewelry will be Sunday June 4th. I  hope to be back in the fall sometime around late August.
Sneak peak!  I will have one more small shop update coming next week. Tentatively June 1st. TBA. I will send another quick email when listings are ready. 

Dates To Remember!

I'm closing for the summer. I hope to be back in the fall!
  • Last day for personalized jewelry orders, June 4th
  • Last day shop will be open, June 10th
  • One more update coming tentatively June 1st, TBA

Follow me on Instagram for final days sale news and codes!
Feel free to message me anytime! Thanks so much to all of you and all of your support! It has meant the world to me over the past 15 years! ♥

Saturday, May 20, 2017

it's a beautiful day

The weather is finally starting to turn warmer and I'm so grateful to be spending more time out side with my sweet Molly. As furry as she is, she still enjoys laying on the patio, in the sunshine. 
I have only a couple of flowers in my yard. For some reason we mostly have ornamental grasses. Which by the way, are all but dead from our long and snowy winter. I hope to plant more flowers this summer and soon. 

I was inspired by a recent post by Carol Dekle-Foss of Terra Rustica Design. Check out her blog when you have time. She just posted some really gorgeous macro close-up pics that are phenomenally beautiful. 

Here are a few from my garden...

Shop updates are in the works for next week. I'll keep you posted!
peace & love

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Camping at the Hoh in March

In March of this year we took a trip North to the Hoh Rain Forest to camp. We knew it would be cold and wet. That didn't matter. 

I need to be in the woods. To feel the cold air on my face in the morning and watch the sunset at night.
 And so we traveled several hundred miles and arrived at the campground near Forks, WA.
 Upon entering the camp, you are surrounded by green, luscious green everywhere. You can smell the trees and the dampness in the air. It's surreal. It takes you over.
We were blessed with a nice spot on the rivers edge. The ground was damp and there were puddles around, but none of that mattered. The sound of water rushing by makes the rest of the world melt away. And for a couple of days, this is sanctuary.
We took a stroll through the park to check it out. Half the camp was still closed for the winter. Many trees and limbs covered the some of the paths were blocked. 
This is where I am inspired. 
This is the place where my soul is grounded and my heart opens up. 
 I have these colors in my head, still. The pale blue sky against the evergreen trees next to to the blueish gray river lined with gray stones along the edge.
And the best part? 
Sitting by the fire at night, 
watching the stars over our heads. 
The forest is so still and quiet at night. 
There is only us.
Unfortunately we can't stay in this bliss forever. 
It's time to go home. 

 We passed a store along the way with some very friendly folks inside. There's a sign in front stating this is the official mail drop place for Mick Dodge.
 We stopped for a quick rest and admired some local cows. 

Until the next adventure...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

what lies within

Frog Skin Earrings 4178 

Be faithful 
to that 
which exists 
AndrĂ© Gide  
Plum Rhinestone Earrings
Aquamarine Triangle Necklace 4177
Star Ball Babies 4178
CZ Silver Nugget Earrings 4176
Amethyst Triangle Earrings 4170

Yes, I have been feeling inspired. 
There is a lot more to see in the shop. 
Stop by!

peace & blessings, always.

Drilling Sea Glass for Jewelry

Drilling glass is something I thought I would never do. Never wanted to do, never thought I could do. But after col...