Stamping On Metal Part Two

Resources and books

If yo missed Stamping on Metal Part One, please click here!:)

Let me say a personal disclaimer before we go further. This is what I know about metal stamps and stamping. I am sure there is a lot more out there. As well as people who know more and have different ideas than I. This is just what I personally know and am able to share. It may or may not be the way you or someone else does it.

Now that you know whether you want a commercial stamp set or a specialty stamp set, lets talk about where to buy.

Commercial sets are available in many online and retail shops. My first search always goes to Google. It amazes me when people over look this simple yet very effective search tool.  


Next I would try Etsy. 

I have limited experiences ordering from Etsy. So please use your own digression when purchasing online. I will point you in the direction but I don't know these shops personally, so I can't endorse them.

Someone recently mentioned to me that she would like to find more design type stamps. GrendelandFez on Etsy sells design stamps that are unique and very cool. Check out their selection. 

Another place to look for jewelry stamps is Amazon. I shop at Amazon at least once a month, usually more often. They have everything now- not just books. I love the fact that they are here in WA too. So I generally get my things in two or three days. A big plus for me! 

PJ Tool and Supply is where I purchased my Cyrillic stamping set. Again, I am not personally endorsing this business but it is an option. 

If you've done any stamping at all, I'm sure you are already aware of Beaducation and the extensive products they offer. A real wonderland of stamping supplies! 

If you have decided to purchase a custom made set, then Infinity Stamps is your place to go. They will work with you to create a custom set just how you want it. Size, and font is all up to you! How cool is that? 

Just keep in mind that you will need to pick a font before ordering. They will send you a proof (up to 3 are included) showing you the actual font size before they will begin production. This happens after you have placed your order and paid for your set.

(Stamping on Metal Part Three will center on choosing a font) 

Infinity stamps also offers ready to ship sets in a designer font or American typewriter at a lower price but still the exceptionally high quality as their custom made sets.  

These are the suppliers that I personally know of. I'm sure there are more out there I have yet to find. If you'd like to add some to the list here, please do. :) 

As for books, I don't personally have any books on stamping metal. I know there are some out there including one by the owner of Beaducation, Lisa Niven Kelly. Although I have not seen the book, I would think she knows her stuff!  

Besides the book Beaducation also offers many free and pay per lessons on Video. Personally, this is the way I learn best. I have to see things done. I love learning from watching. 

And on that note- did you remember to check YouTube? They are all FREE. Wonderful to learn, even better to learn for free! 

Also check out local bead shops and craft stores to see what they offer in terms of stamps and lessons.

Romazone, who I mentioned earlier also has a free demo on YouTube. Roma is a treasure. Watch this woman for 5 minute and you will love her! I bought her soldering dvd years ago and just adore her personality. She is really fun to learn with.

That is all I have to offer as far as resources. If I think of more later- I will update the post. 

Next part three I will share with you my thoughts on choosing a font and my experiences with it. 

peace and blessings,
Cindy :)


  1. this is wonderful information... i just got some great ones from urban beader... you are so right though about having a custom font... it is your special mark... it can define your work... your pieces are so special because you have so carefully selected what represents you... we each have to do that for ourselves - and you are helping to make it so easy... very kind of you to take the time to do so...

  2. Thank you Maire! I appreciate that! I think even though stamps are readily available and so many people are using them now- you can still have your own take on it. You can still make your mark. Pun intended... ;)

    Oh and I just thought of another place to check for stamps- Ebay! I never go there anymore but I know there is a seller on there (or used to be) that makes his own metal stamps. And they are very cool!

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. :)

  3. I was just doing a search on how to stamp on metal and came across your blog. Thank you for all the tips and links you've provided it will be very helpful for me to get started (I've been practicing on metal washers). And I even noticed you're also in Washington. I'm in Olympia. O and I pinned this.

  4. I've just started getting into stamping. I bought my design stamps at beaducation. But I bought my letters from harbor freight. I have found that I can pick up quite a few tools there at reasonable prices. I bought my dapper block and disk cutter there too. Once I get better at my stamping I will buy me a better set with different font and a little larger.

    Thanks for sharing your tips and links.

  5. Hi Cindy! Thanks so much for directing me here- great post! I recently discovered beaducation and love that site. Great customer service too! I'm very excited, thanks to you, for having a resource to order custom stamps from when I'm ready. Thanks so much for sharing!!
    : )

  6. Hi Cindy!
    Thanks so much for directing me here-love your post!
    I recently discovered beaducation and love that site! Great customer service too. I'm so excited to have a place to go to when I am ready to order custom stamps-thanks to you. Thank you so much for sharing!! : )

  7. Thanks for all of the information Cindy.


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