Grounded In Blue

My last post, two weeks ago talked about color and inspiration from those colors. We (artists and humans in general) can be attracted to a color(s) and not even realize we are. Drawn to it over and over again. Choosing things, clothes, furnishings, throw pillows even from those color sets. Do you have some that come to mind? 

For me it's BLUE. And I wouldn't say it's my favorite color. I don't think as adults we really have ONE favorite color. However we can still be drawn to it and choose it more than others. Yes? 

my California vacation, 2013
 When I am at the beach, at the ocean, I am grounded. I wonder if maybe this is why I keep coming back to these colors. They inspire that feeling of being grounded. 
At home. At peace. 

So then once you realize this color has a hold on your attention, you begin seeing it everywhere. And that's where I am at. 

This morning I thought about my blog post and what I would write. A particular artist came to mind and her music videos. Iammiamiwhoami Because in my minds eye I suddenly realized that all her videos are filmed at the ocean and beach. The color set I've been drawn to....

So I went back to look and noticed there's a link in the title image To Whom It May Concern. I clicked through, and it's a Nordic Clothing line. Fantastic! More of my colors! I encourage you to take a look and see if you are pulled in too. There are some beautiful prints for sale as well here.

I have been inspired to create a new jewelry collection in this line of colors, entitled Winter At The Beach. It's in the budding stages still but growing quickly. It's such a small collection I am not really advertising it yet. However, you can see the collection here:  More will be added in later today December 8th. 

My my most recent creation: 
Hammered nugget charms created from bits of recycled .999 fine silver, handmade ceramic beads (by Cindy's Art & Soul) with a sand glaze, stormy BLUE Spectrolite gemstones, wrapped in fine silver wire. Ear wires are hand forged sterling silver with hammered ball ends. Available at Art and Soul Jewelry.

What colors are you drawn to? Do you get stuck on a color and wear it all the time? Share it with us. 

ORIGINAL POST: Tuesday, December 8, 2015


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