Feed Your Soul Week 1: Watching the Sunrise

My normal day starts with making coffee, getting on my phone to check notices, e-mails, and messages. Five minutes later, pour coffee, move to the office and get on the computer. Work on listings, check orders, print invoices and mailing labels, answer emails, post updates and edit photos... 

I think I am ready to makes some changes and start a new routine. Get up just a little earlier and greet the sun when it comes up. Enjoy the peacefulness of morning, meditate, exercise and start work after I have looked after myself.  Parts of myself I feel have been neglected.

Saturday January 2nd, 2015. I set my alarm to wake early to view the sun rising. I have been up at sunrise (a few times!) and know I wont have much of a view from the upstairs window. My plan was to wake an hour before sunrise and drive to the lake near my house - have my coffee there and enjoy the view. However that is not what took place.

Reality. I left my phone on the couch when I went to bed. And although I didn't hear my alarm go off, I did wake up at 6AM. I did not get out of bed till 7AM. Sunrise was coming at 7:20. No time to get dressed and drive to the lake. Okay, I'll make my coffee and go upstairs where there is no view but I can still see the sky brightening. 

I sat with my coffee. Sipping. The first thing I noticed was the silence. Beautiful stillness of the early morning. So peaceful. The sky began to brighten. More so to the right of my window was a pretty golden red...  

Again, noticing the stillness. That was my favorite part of waking up so early in the darkness. I tried to be there with it but my mind kept wandering to work or family issues... things I need to do. I find it difficult to be still, to quite the mind. Finally I decided to put on a Depak meditation from my phone. I listened to his words and the soft pretty music and finally relaxed and cleared my mind to meditate on the moment. 

In just 10 minutes of quite still beauty, my mind was clear, my spirit recharged. Soul-fed. I feel like I accomplished what I set out to to and enjoyed the moment.

Why? I believe it's important to pause daily or at least as much as we can to view what's happening with the Earth. Letting go of our mundane worries for a few minutes. Just stop, be still. We can ground our spirits and recharge.

Eventually (within the hour) I did dress and go to the lake. I had one of the happiest and most uplifting walks I've had in quite some time. And I did see the sun rise about 8:20. A beautiful sunny morning. I am so glad I was there to enjoy it. Really there

Until next time, peace.


  1. It's great to stretch our limits a little and see what we can do. I too have found a wonderful morning routine that suits me. I listen to Davidji meditations with my morning coffee and agree that the me time is imperative to starting the day out right.
    Thanks again Cindy for sharing your insights!

  2. Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.



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