Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul started as a tiny idea of what I wanted to do for myself. It grew into a necklace design, a giveaway and a 24 ideas blog post. Inspiration grew from there and I am now hosting an inspiration group on Facebook. It is a closed group, meaning only members can post or see posts. However, it's open to anyone to join. I only ask that posts be kept positive and no selling of anything within the group.

I had a few people tell me that they didn't want to join the group because they thought it would be too much work, too much structure and they didn't have time for it. And that's fine. But let me just say that the group is not set up to be work of any kind other than the fun and uplifting kind. Feeding your spirit should not be work. 

We need to do this for ourselves and only ourselves. No other reason is valid. If you don't feel that you need to or want to do things to feed your soul, this group is not for you. 

However, If you want to do the exercises on your own, that works too! No need to join the group to do any of these or to work along side of me while I do them. 

The purpose of the group is purely for the purpose of inspiring one another on our journey. 

I felt like by sharing our stories with each other, we can learn and grow together. For instance, task #1 (and I say task only for lack of a better word) is watching the sun rise. One member mentioned that sunset is more of her thing. She's not up that early. There you have the first example of one member inspiring the others with her take on the 24 ways list! I love it! 

In closing let me say again... you can join, or not join  the group. I only hope you will do the exercises. Either with us, or your own... feed your soul how ever it feels right for you. 

I will be posting my experiences on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month (tentatively). If you want to blog about your experiences along with me, I will be sharing a link up with the posts. See you then! Facebook


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