Feed Your Sould _ Animals _ Week 3

Feed your soul week 3 - Animals

I adopted Molly dog about 2 weeks after loosing one of my moms to a long illness. I think she would have loved Molly. I wish she could have known her... 

I adopted Molly from the Oregon Humane Society on August 22nd, 2013. She came to them as a stray, lost dog. Wandering the streets of Portland. We don't know anything about her history or where she came from. Only that she needed a home and love

I remember the day I brought her home. She was so excited. She quickly went around the house sniffing every corner of every room. And finally she came to the kitchen where I was working on something... almost smiling at me, wagging her tail. My thought was... am I going to live up to her expectations? Will I be fun enough? 
She makes me want to be a better person. She takes me away from my own worries and I can focus on her and her needs. I can look into her eyes and see a pure, sweet heart that wants nothing more than to sit with me and be loved. And, maybe a treat now and then! 

Sometimes I think about how short her little life with be. It makes me want to give her the best life I can possibly give her. Her life is in my hands now and It's up to me to make sure she has all she needs and as much love as I can offer. 

And to me, that's why animals feed our souls. My heart literally feels lighter when I hold her, when I look at her or when I think of her. Dogs are creatures of Joy and of Love. When treated correctly, they can be your best friend, and your protector. 

If you live somewhere or for some reason you can't have a pet, I suggest visiting a shelter anyway. Volunteer, and get to know the animals. They will lift your heart and bring you away from anything that's holding you down now. If only for a day, it will be worth it. Most shelters will welcome your much needed help and support. Getting the dogs out of their kennels for a walk may be the only joy that dog has for it's stay. 
And, finally I just want to say please adopt and don't shop when looking for a pet. Three million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the US. Spay or neuter your pet. 

I love this video because it's so heart felt but also because this is exactly how I felt when I brought Molly home. Will I be fun enough? Is exactly how I was feeling too. We hope we can live up to our dogs expectations and be the best dog moms we can be! 
peace and love,

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