Signs Of Spring

Signs of Spring are popping up everywhere. 
New buds poking out of the ground. 
New blossoming buds on trees, 
signal hope and renewal once again. 

Things have been quiet around the Art & Soul studio for many weeks. Seems like ages... suffering from headaches has literally stopped me in my tracks. The moments I feel good, I am ever so grateful for. I do not ever want to take my health for granted. Walking outside, getting fresh air, enjoying the beauty of nature at the lake, seeing the ducks waddle around... inspires peace and hope in me.
Miss Molly, my walking buddy ღ
What inspires peace and hope within you? 

So, what does a girl do when she's not feeling well enough to work?
She sculpts clay. 

 Sculpting clay requires much less thought and (or) precision in my experience. So although my head may be pounding and I'm feeling poorly, I am able to take a lump of clay and just caress it with my hands. I find it soothing and it gives me a sense of doing something productive when nothing else is creatively available to me. 

I have also created a lot of silver scrap from trying to work when I didn't feel good... 

Creating jewelry and getting orders out as quickly as I can.
Just working at a much slower pace the past 7 or 8 weeks... much, much slower.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me and been so patiently waiting for their jewelry to be created.

Maybe the spring buds signal a change. Hope.

The Spring Equinox will be here soon. Days will become longer, the sun will return and the temperatures will rise. And while we'll always have a significant rainfall here in WA, we'll begin to have less as the spring marches on. I think for many of us, winter has been a time of going inward and of reflection. A time of hibernation? I am ready for the sun to come back and shine again. 

Looking ahead, my hope is to have new jewelry. Possibly a new collection, celebrating the Spring Equinox. 

My spring newsletter will be out (tentatively) next week.

I have a NEW (newsletter) list specifically for those interested in my ceramics line; art, housewares and beads. This (new) newsletter will go out about for times a year or when I have updates to share. 
If you are interested in ceramic artwork or beads... sign up here!

Peace and Blessings,


  1. I am saddened to hear you are not well. Really hope spring finds you feeling much better.

    1. Thank you Linda! I appreciate that! I am trying different homeopathic herbs and other natural things that seem to be helping little bit at a time. :-)


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