Earrings Everyday: The Crow

The Crow


The crow bird. 
To some- a sad, lonely, even mean bird. 
Dark, and mysterious. 

Not what I imagine when I see the crow.
I see my (late) aunt on the lawn... feeding them bread. 
I asked her why she fed the birds- she said- 
because I like them. A simple answer. 
What else did I expect?
It's funny what inspires our art, our creations. 
A memory, a lost love, a color we are drawn to. 
Whatever it may be, we know what it means to us. 
Our jewelry doesn't always have to have meaning behind it- 
but more often than not, I think it does. 
That's what makes us reach for it and wear it and love it. 
This set of earrings was inspired by the love for this woman who raised me as her own daughter. 

 Alzheimer diseases took her away from me long before she passed away last fall. 

So now I too am drawn to crows and have a special love for them that I never would have otherwise. 

I found these white bronze charms in a small bead shop in Port Townsend, WA. We took a road trip around the Hwy 101 loop in 2012. An amazing trip with my best friend and partner of almost 30 years. 

Lots of story and love and memories behind these earrings. 

Thank you for reading along and allowing me to share. 

Available for a limited time

Peace and blessings ~ Cindy 

may 2013 - re-post


  1. A beautiful tribute to your Aunt. Pretty earrings too!

  2. Lovely sentiment. I love crows too, and ravens, all birds really!
    PS: LOVE my new earrings btw!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Jeni! I am so pleased you love them! <3 Yeah!


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