Earrings Everyday: Crystal Obsession _ Aquamarine Chandelier Earring...

In love with the sparkle of Swarovski crystals lately. I just can't get enough of the color and shine. 

It's been my main focus this past week or two. Paired with rustic brushed silver, I think they are the perfect complement to each other. I don't know why my crystals have been sitting in draws un-admired for years and suddenly they've got my attention. Feeling very inspired, as I said by the array of colors. And the sparkle of Swarovski is unmatched, IMHO. 

I am looking to expand this design into a few other sets of color combinations. However, my supply of these "cosmic" Swarovski crystals is very limited. Very.

For now, this set is available and ready to ship, in the store today.

 These earrings are handcrafted with pure silver. Hoops are torch fused and hand forged with a hammered texture. 
Drilled holes hold charms of Pacific blue Swarovski crystals, tiny, faceted, 3mm.
"Cosmic" beads are added in the shade of Crystal Golden Shadow. A lovely light sand color that reflects light like no other. Wrapped in 20 gauge thick pure silver wire with a rustic brushed, matte finish. 
And finally at the top are natural, pale blue Aquamarine gemstones. 

Look for more in this style, coming soon! 
and always #lovelife

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