A Clean Slate

Fresh Bisque Fired Pottery Cindy's Art & Soul
I love every part of this process. The rolling of clay in my hands. Wet, soft and malleable. And now this phase, the pure white, ready for any color phase.

This bisque fire included a mixed batch of ceramic stoneware and mid-range porcelain. I am doing some test pieces to see how the glazes react on the different clay bodies. 

So far, from my experience, I tend to prefer the way the glazes look and react on the stoneware. 

This happens every time.
I do believe the porcelain will have it's place in my studio. I have plans for it yet. 

Pure White. Clean Slate. Ready for glaze!
I'll be finishing up some last minute glazing today and will have a small amount firing by this evening. 

Sorting the beads by texture.
What colors to look for this week; cameo pink, stripy plum, blue gray mixed, plum, plum ecru mix, sand dunes, dark walnut, denim blue, and more! 

NEW beads will be listed at my Etsy shop. Tentatively Friday afternoon on the 31st. Please bookmark the new shop address and check in with me on Instagram this week for updates.
Etsy shop link: 

Any requests? Message me!
Happy Spring! 

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  1. Love all the bisque. That's a lot of cleaning you've done there! I ca't wait to see all the new color combinations you are making. Your beads are so beautiful and nice to work with. Thank you Cindy for sharing your talent with us!


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