Everything Is Changing.

Everything is changing. It's okay. Change is good. It means we're growing & learning.

Someone recently commented to me - but you said... and then I replied with yes, I said that. But now I'm saying this. I changed my mind. 

If we never changed our minds, it would mean we stopped learning or stopped growing. So, with that thought, I say bring it on. 

What's changing? you might ask.  A lot. More on that in another post. For one thing, my packaging practices. 

As someone who works in the retail industry, I see a lot of waste. And lately I feel as if I have a heightened awareness of all that I am using / throwing out.

The more I learn about the impact we (humans) have on our Environment the more I want to do. To do BETTER. 


A great documentary I recently watched is Plastic Paradise. Check out Netflix for streaming options or search Google.

Another must see documentary is the Human Experiment hosted by Sean Penn. It will change the way you see the world. Yes, it's that powerful.

I would like to challenge you to stop using plastic grocery bags and food bags for a week. If that's easy for you, challenge yourself to go a month without them. Trust me, it will open your eyes to new ways, to better ways of packaging and of transporting groceries. It's one small action that can have long term, great rewards.

I have been storage bag free in my kitchen for about 8 months now. It's not always convenient to store food items in glass, I know. However, I feel comfortable in knowing my food is not being contaminated and that I am no longer throwing plastic waste into the bin daily.

Yes, my family freaked out (a little) when they realized I wasn't putting my vegetables in plastic at the store. The grocery clerk had to be asked twice and reassured by me before not adding plastic to my goods. But it all worked out. I am not dead or sick. I wash my veges and cook some before eating. I'm not concerned about it. If you are, you please do what you need to do. However, vinegar and water washes veges quite well, IMHO. (I'm no expert!) So please do some research, and decide for yourself. 

What the heck does all this have to do with jewelry? Everything. Because all we do and everything we create, use, and throw away, it all matters now and for generations to come

I am cutting back on packaging. Maybe you noticed already? I use very little plastic when wrapping. If you see bubble wrap in your box it's because I am re-using it from what has been sent to me. I hope you will do the same on your side

Keep in mind that every bit of plastic on this planet never ever goes away. The more we make, and use, the more waste we are creating.

A while back I purchased "green" plastic bags for packaging. I have since found out that these bags, while they may say "recyclable" aren't all that easy to recycle. And unless your local recycle facility specifically takes them, they are not. So, with that in mind, once these are gone, I don't plan to buy more. Unfortunately, I think I have a lifetime supply.

What do you think about all this? Have you seen these documentaries? Did they move you, change your outlook? I'd love to hear. And what do you think about my new packaging? Thumbs up, or down? 

If you take a moment to comment below, I would love to hear from you. Or you may email me at hello at cindysartandsoul dot com. 

Until next time.
Please enjoy Paloma Faith & Everything is Changing! 



  1. Great post Cindy! As a 10 year breast cancer survivor (this June!) I have made drastic changes in every aspect of my life over the years. I became hyper sensitive to what I was ingesting and putting on my body and now avoid chemicals as much as possible. I just went to the drs today and they acted shocked when I said I don't take any medications. That just blows me away!

    I have seen The Human Experiment, but not Plastic Paradise. I will try to watch it! Have you seen these on Netflix? InnSaei, In Search of Balance, Pump, Minimalism, Treasures of the Earth, particularly the episodes on gems and metals. I am a Netflix junkie! lol Also, not related to health but totally inspiring, Finding Altamira.

    I love your new packaging! I try to use recycled materials as much as possible. I also save and reuse, or recycle what companies send me. Especially all those plastic baggies! I use some, but I have a huge box that has been accumulating!

    I can't wait to see what changes you are making!


  2. Love the post Cindy! This topic of change is hard for most since they do not like change. It invades their comfort zone. It means they have to learn something new and most don't want to do that. They like the same, and thus they don't grow.

    Since I have worked for many, many years in the medical field I knew about the plastics and their affects on the body. Cancers thrive on chemicals, plastics, hormones and sugars.

    I use cloth grocery bags for the most part, but when we do shopping for our once a monthly bulk shopping trip I end up with the plastic bags. I save them and then when I get enough together I'll take them to the senior center in Scottsdale and there is a group of ladies that crochet them into mats and blankets for the homeless in Phoenix. At least they are being recycles.

    As for my packaging for my jewelry, I use recycled cardboard boxes and I have a ton of bubble wrap that I accumulated for working at the doctors office. Every time I ordered my vials of medicine and my boxes of syringes they came in bubble wrap. I have enough to last me years!

    In my pantry I use tins and glass, have for years. I can keep the pantry much more organized. But again, I knew about plastics for years. I've watched Plastic Paradise and find it shocking. I think all school age children should see it. It doesn't seem we can change the world's way of thinking today but we can start with a younger generation and maybe the world will change eventually.

    I also love your new packaging. So creative!!!



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