Four Years Later...

Rise Up Necklace Cindy's Art and Soul
 The time seems more appropriate than ever before to Rise Up with humanity and with our Kindness for the world and to each other on a personal level. Social media has allowed people to be anonymous and to become nasty, unkind people. 

Let us not forget that we are all human beings who deserve to be loved and respected. If the world population could believe that we are all connected spiritually, imagine how we would treat each other. 

Would it be different? I think so.

Rise Up Necklace
I made this necklace in 2013. I posted an image on Instagram last week and the feed back has been really positive about it, or the message maybe. Either way, I'm inspired to re-visit the design. 

Possibly with different beads, or new a new color pallet. 

Anytime we can inspire peace and love, I think it's a positive thing that we should push towards and do more. 

I hope this message necklace will do just that. 

Rise Up Necklace Cindy's Art and Soul
Thoughts, comments and/or suggestions are always welcome. 

Peace and Love, 

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