Camping at the Hoh in March

In March of this year we took a trip North to the Hoh Rain Forest to camp. We knew it would be cold and wet. That didn't matter. 

I need to be in the woods. To feel the cold air on my face in the morning and watch the sunset at night.
 And so we traveled several hundred miles and arrived at the campground near Forks, WA.
 Upon entering the camp, you are surrounded by green, luscious green everywhere. You can smell the trees and the dampness in the air. It's surreal. It takes you over.
We were blessed with a nice spot on the rivers edge. The ground was damp and there were puddles around, but none of that mattered. The sound of water rushing by makes the rest of the world melt away. And for a couple of days, this is sanctuary.
We took a stroll through the park to check it out. Half the camp was still closed for the winter. Many trees and limbs covered the some of the paths were blocked. 
This is where I am inspired. 
This is the place where my soul is grounded and my heart opens up. 
 I have these colors in my head, still. The pale blue sky against the evergreen trees next to to the blueish gray river lined with gray stones along the edge.
And the best part? 
Sitting by the fire at night, 
watching the stars over our heads. 
The forest is so still and quiet at night. 
There is only us.
Unfortunately we can't stay in this bliss forever. 
It's time to go home. 

 We passed a store along the way with some very friendly folks inside. There's a sign in front stating this is the official mail drop place for Mick Dodge.
 We stopped for a quick rest and admired some local cows. 

Until the next adventure...


  1. Great post! You love in such a beautiful place. It's been a long time since I've been up to the rain forest of WA, looks like a trip is in our future! Glad you can get away and recharge, we all need to do this. Btw, love the picture with Molly hanging out the window!

    1. You would love it Donna! I hope you do get to visit, soon! Thanks for stopping by!


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