it's a beautiful day

The weather is finally starting to turn warmer and I'm so grateful to be spending more time out side with my sweet Molly. As furry as she is, she still enjoys laying on the patio, in the sunshine. 
I have only a couple of flowers in my yard. For some reason we mostly have ornamental grasses. Which by the way, are all but dead from our long and snowy winter. I hope to plant more flowers this summer and soon. 

I was inspired by a recent post by Carol Dekle-Foss of Terra Rustica Design. Check out her blog when you have time. She just posted some really gorgeous macro close-up pics that are phenomenally beautiful. 

Here are a few from my garden...

Shop updates are in the works for next week. I'll keep you posted!
peace and love


  1. Oh nice, I love those flowers! Great shots too of their bright cheery colors. Of course, Molly fits right in with her own beauty! Thanks for the shout out Cindy!

    1. Thank you Carol. I always love your work! Very inspiring! 😊

  2. Such lovely flowers! I especially loved the way you've focused on a single flower in the second photograph. So beautiful.

    Big hugs to Molly! :)

  3. I am in as with all the photos! Both you and Carol take beautiful photos. Of course little Molly looks adorable. Her little life of leisure! Love it!


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