New Jewelry Today

A few new things available today... 
Stop by to see them all!

I had hopes of getting a lot more done for this final update but, it was not in the cards. 

Please keep in mind, I am not going away and I am not quitting. I will be back at some point! You may email me anytime while my shops are closed. Contact info will be listed on the website. I'll be posting on the blog or Instagram as I have time. I will still be working on new projects in the background.

Please enjoy 20% off your order of $50+ now through June 10th, the final day to shop with me. Use code Take20

Thank you for your support! It does matter to me. Those of you who have written and supported my shop over the years, it has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate each and every one of you and ever word and every purchase! 

Honestly I am feeling a little sad at the thought of closing for the summer. But I am ready for the adventures coming my way and I have big hopes for what's next. Staying positive and trusting the journey.

I wish you all a fantastic summer filled with LOVE, SUNSHINE, PEACE & JOY. 

Be well, Cindy

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