Stamping On Metal; Part Three: It doesn't matter

Part three of my stamping on metal series was going to be about what goes into choosing the font for your specialty stamp set. And I will get to that. 

What I first want to say is that it doesn't matter what font you get or if you get one. Having a specialty font is nice. But when it comes down to it,  what really matters is what you create. It's what you do with it that matters. And whatever you decide to do... make it your own.


Just look around. You'll see a lot of unique and very special art-jewelry that does not use any kind of specialty font. 

There is fabulous, unique jewelry out there that doesn't require anything but a simple block font. 

The jewelry should speak for itself.

And before you spend $400+ for your stamp set, be aware that anyone can come along and buy that same set. 

I spent over $$$$ on one set. I spent weeks looking for a font that no one else had, and one that "spoke" to me. I waited weeks for them to make the stamps and to finally have it delivered.

If I had it to do over again, I would not spend the money. There are other fonts that are commercially available now, that weren't available then. Anything you might want (style wise) is available commercially and quite a bit cheaper.

Stamp sets that look almost identical to what I have. Yes mine is a little tiny bit different. But is it really worth spending over $1000 for? Not to me.

And then there is my other specialty set. What I like to call my "Modern Art font". I get messages often asking what font it is specifically so that people can buy a set for themselves. 
And my answer is still the same. If you really feel the need to buy a specialty font set, find something that is unique to your own jewelry. 

Do you want your jewelry to be special and unique? Or do you want it to look like what someone else is doing.  

Put your own style into it, and BE AUTHENTIC. 

It doesn't matter what font you are using. It's what you do with it that matters.  It's about what you put into your jewelry. 
You can make extraordinary and very special jewelry with a plain block font. That is all you really need. That is all anyone really needs, IMHO. If I had to do it over again that's all I would have. 

Am I happy with my stamps? Yes. Would I do it again? No.  

I don't see myself buying anymore specialty font sets. That notion could change in time. My jewelry is evolving. As I settle into my own style and feed my soul, I am doing less personalized jewelry work.

Karen Totten recently wrote a really great article about finding your own style here is a link:

Recognizing your own style is not easy. It has to be a natural process. Something you cannot force. You are who you are.  

Be authentic

You'll need to explore your own likes and dislikes. You need to look inward, and DO NOT compare yourself to others.

What I want 

is not to want 
what isn't mine 
by my own design.
Scarlet's walk, another girl's paradise
Tori Amos-

It's okay to be inspired by other artists. We all take inspiration from what we see... and from our environments. Whatever you are making and offering, make sure it came from your own soul.

did I mention?

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