A Year In The Life

Glacier Peak Campground, WA
This year has been a time of change just as I new it would be. Focusing on the positive has been difficult at times but I am keeping the faith that good things are coming. 

My jewelry / art work has slowed this year as I have concentrated on other things. I decided early this year to further my education and take some college classes. It was a real eye opener for me. I hate to say, I'm not as quick a learner as I used to be. However, I found sort of pride and strength in the will to go on and pick myself up after each failure. 

I have immensely enjoyed the last few weeks of working on jewelry / ceramics again (and also camping!) while on school break. Immensely. It truly feeds my spirit. I know now that I cannot live without it in my life. It sustains me in so many ways I cannot describe. 

Classes start up again soon and I'll be deep in studies. I am afraid. I am worried I wont do well, I wont be able to keep up. I wont understand the work. But I'm going anyway. I am trying it all the same. Deep breathe. One foot in front of the other. 

Meantime, I have about a week left of working with silver and ceramics. I will take custom orders up till the end of the year. After that, it will be as I have time. 

Plans and goals; more proactive jewelry, more sculpting and clay work. Growing a new collection called Embers and Ash. Growing my Peace, Love and Beach Rocks collection. Taking more naps, more dog cuddles.... eating more veges, practicing yoga daily.

Motto for the coming year; do all things with love and you can't go wrong. 

to those who are celebrating, my your Christmas be filled with laughs and love and may you be surrounded by family and friends.


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