Hitting The Reset Button

This is the time of year we hear a lot of talk about resolutions and staring new things, or ending bad habits. Honestly, I'm not one who makes "new years resolutions". I first heard of this tradition when I was about 12. Or that's the first time I remember hearing of it. 

I vaguely remember getting together with my cousins, who were my best friends back then, and writing out our resolutions on tiny strips of paper. The paper then went into balloons and somehow we picked the ones that landed face up when we popped the balloons or some nonsense like that. Well, we were kids! 

However, I do believe in hitting the reset button so to speak. We have times that *feel like beginnings and those times can inspire us to pick our hearts up off the ground and begin again. To start new projects or end old ways that are destructive. 

These times include, but are not limed to new years day (month!), a start of a new week, a new moon, a celestial event like the solstice or a holiday. Maybe a birthday, a new decade. Any marked change of time. Hell, even a new day. We feel that change internally and we can use that to build on. 
 I'm one of the weird people who LIKES Monday... for this very reason. It feels like a new - something. It's a fresh day a fresh week. Leaving last week behind and begin again. 

Maybe you don't believe in that. Maybe you don't *need that, you say. Whether you believe in it or *need it, it's there. It's a part of who we are as humans. If it weren't, we would not have little stars on our calendars to mark special days. Days would all blend together and have no meaning. 

These pictures are some I took Christmas morning. I woke up and everything was encased in ice. It was so peaceful and quiet and surreal. I wanted to remember this moment and breathe it in. It's like walking in the rain, or a wind storm, this feeling of frozen - everything comes over you and fills you with peace. Also sort of a reset button. It has to be. Because for a time, everything stops and is commanded by it. Nature. 

I believe it is good to notice the change in time and celebrate that if you feel inspired to. It feeds the soul and nourishes our spirits. Pause, breathe, hit the reset, begin again. 

Love and Peace~ Cindy


  1. I enjoyed your post Cindy. I'm hitting the reset button in Jan. too.

    1. Thank you Linda! <3 Happy new year to you!


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