Hello Spring I've Missed You.

I don't know if it's me getting older or if the weather really has gotten colder and the winter longer. I feel like winter is dragging on and it's so cold. I don't want to be outside at all. My poor sweetheart, Molly is so bored and depressed, and missing our time at the lake too.

Thank goodness Spring arrives tomorrow! Even if it's still bitterly cold out I know the warm is coming. 

Little tulips and crocus flowers are popping up. My favorite. And the trees down the way are all in full PINK bloom. It's glorious. Soon their petals will line the streets to resemble snow but - so much prettier. 

We had a break last month and decided to go to one of our favorite spots on the coast.

The first night was at Dungenous Forks Recreation Area. A place we've been but not stayed before. It was great. I loved the quiet and peaceful feeling here. The camp host was super sweet and most gracious.  

We drove into Fort Townsend the next day and stopped at Wynwoods Bead Gallery to find some treasure. Lois was working the counter and I got to say hello. She is one of my favorite artists and she's (semi) local for me. So, I love being able to shop with her, in person.

This little flower charm is one of hers. It's white bronze with her signature stamp LV on the back. Love the rustic, feminine look to her pieces. Beautiful. 

Aquamarine Gemstone Bracelet.
The weather was changing, quickly. We dove South hoping to outrun the snow. But that night the snow feel. And Oh, it was so pretty. 

Thankfully we camp *inside* a trailer so we were able to stay warm. Others were camping in tents! I was surprised the campground was almost full. But then, the rain forest is always beautiful no matter the weather.

I knew the roads would only get worse so we headed farther south about midday when the temperatures rose above freezing. 

We camped at Kalaloch at a spot on the bluff above the beach. Normally, I would love this spot but at 27 degrees it was a bit cold to enjoy. 

I can't complain tho. Camping anytime, almost any where is good for me. I love being in the woods or at the beach. At the North end of WA we have both. 

Recharged. I'm ready to get back to work... 

Updates to the shop include a two new collections. Boho Bliss Jewelry featuring the softer side of bohemian. 


And Embers and Ash; deep red paired with black and soft gray.


Some items have been added already and I will continue to add more over the next three days. If you receive my newsletter, please look for it tomorrow for more on what's new and special offers. 

Happy Spring!

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