Sweet Summer Pink Blossoms

The sweet summer is upon us now and I can see pink trees as far as the horizon here. Our little city is blessed with these sweet little pink blossom trees that begin sprouting in spring and by the end of spring and the first of summer they are in full bloom. 

Their little blossoms look like pink snow floating through the air. It gives you a sense of being in a make-believe land. As a child even. 

Since I don't have any photos of the glorious pink trees I will instead share some incredible flowers that just exploded in my garden. I planted these last year and now they have doubled in size. I'm just thrilled seeing them grow bigger each day. 

I must admit, it has been easy feeling happy and grateful with all the beauty and warm warm weather around me. And while all this is great, I know it's temporary. So I do not take any of it for granted. Not for one second.

When I need inspiration it is only as far as a short walk to the lake. Nature has been my RX and inspiration so many times. 

If you have woods or a lake near you, or even a nature trail, I urge you to get out today and just be there with it for a while. I guarantee you wont regret it. Who goes on a walk and says- dang I wish I hadn't done that!? You know? 

My focus right now has been with pink and with pale blue. You'll see a lot of aquamarine, Kyanite, Larimar and now I bring you Rubies... I love the pink, red and purple shades of this stone. 

These earrings have recycled silver nugget charms with two sizes of rubies and sterling silver lever-back hoop ear wires. These are great for active people or for when you want a little extra insurance that your earrings will be staying in place. This set is only two inches long. A great length (I think) for any day, work or play.

The second set I have added this week features a slightly paler shade of pink, larger silver nugget charms and solid silver, Hill Tribe beads with a tiny flower motif.  

Also! These ocean-blue ceramic beaded earrings... incredible color, offset by the rustic silver charms. Click for details. 


Enjoy this beautiful day! 
Peace and blessings,

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